Sports & Events

Winter & Summer Sports

If this time you go away, you’d rather it was a bit of an adventure then get in touch.

For water sports, what better place to go than Porto Pollo in Sardinia? The great wind conditions, combined with beautiful beaches and wild reefs make it the ideal destination for kite surfers and wind surfers to have some fun. Or how about a trip to Queenstown, New Zealand for a really adrenaline filled trip of skiing, white-water rafting, jet boating, bungy jumping and more!

If you’d rather be on dry land, how about walking in the Pyrenees? The winding paths on either the French or Spanish sides mean you can either walk a short stretch, or the entire length from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean.


We love to ski at Silver Compass, and have first-hand knowledge of many ski resorts around the world, particularly in the Alps. We know how important it is to get the right ski resort at the right time of year to suit each individual enquiry, so let us know what kind of holiday you’d like.

If you have ideas of your own, we’d love to hear them and help make them a reality.

If you have a passion for sport or music, or enjoy other cultural experiences, then there are a wealth of events and destinations to interest you.

We specialise in motorsports events around the world, specifically Formula 1, MotoGp and World Superbikes, however we can arrange travel to any number of sports, such as major Football or Rugby games around the globe. Essentially, we love sport and sporting events and will advise you if you need it and put together a package for whichever event you’d like to go to.

As far as arts and entertainment goes, from the Mozart Festival in Salzburg to the Edinburgh Festival to the many contemporary music festivals around the world, we can find something to inspire you.