Farm Africa

Farm Africa LogoFarm Africa is a different kind of charity working to end hunger and bring prosperity to rural Africa.

For too long, Africa has struggled with the problems of hunger and poverty. Again and again, images of famine have challenged the world to end this human tragedy – but still it happens. Today, with climate change to deal with too, the need is more urgent than ever.

Farm Africa is helping Africa’s farmers to end this cycle of despair: We’re there, on the ground, ensuring farmers have the equipment and know-how to manage their land more effectively.

FARM-Africa Children with GoatWorking shoulder to shoulder with farmers, we help the best farming techniques take root and spread so there’s food not just this harvest, but every harvest.

We bridge communities, governments and businesses so that farmers can not only grow food but also sell it too, so that African farmers can take charge of their future and build better lives.

If you would like to support Farm Africa then please let us know and we will donate an amount (roughly 1% of the total value of your trip) to the charity.

£5 could change the fortunes of a family that has nothing. Farm Africa could provide a seed starter kit, including nutritional staples like sorghum, maize, groundnuts and pulses that are also hardy enough to grow in harsh climates.

£15 could help to train a farmer in Tanzania to harvest honey from forest bees. Giving them good quality honey to sell.

£30 could pay for three chickens and training on how to build a protective chicken coop and properly care for the birds.

£48 could pay for a village vet’s starter kit, giving a Community Animal Health Worker the knowledge and basic tools to keep their community’s animals healthy, as well as the means to provide for their own family.

£65 can pay for a tree nursery for a school in Tanzania. This nursery will help schoolchildren learn practical new farming skills, building upon a prosperous agricultural future for eastern Africa.

£120 could buy a camel. A camel from Farm Africa could enable a family to forge a better future in desert climates. That’s because camel’s milk is incredibly nutritious, helping to keep children healthy. And, crucially, these queens of the desert can produce milk during periods of drought, even though they may not have water to drink themselves.

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