24 Feb 2019
Avatar photo by Kit Williams

Many’s the time that I’ve been asked what it is that get’s me so fired up about being on the water, why I love to be on a boat of any size, so it’s clear it’s high time I think about it properly and in doing so I realise there is just a handful of factors common to all types of water-borne experiences, if that’s even the right word.

I get bored easily so I have to find a way to relax that really engages me. Sitting watching a beautiful static view is lovely, for just so long. Add moving clouds and that keeps me interested for longer. Watch the sea, a river, a fountain and it is constantly changing, moving, reflecting; it induces a kind of meditative state and I can stay calm and still for much longer. Add to that the smell, the sounds and even better the feel of the water, and it becomes a genuinely refreshing, calming time.

I’m a bit of an introvert. I recharge by being alone, but I also love meeting new people, finding out about new countries and cultures and making new friends. When you choose a cruise you choose your company. Pick the right one and you’re surrounded by likeminded people to get to know, but the best bit is you can choose whether and when you do or don’t. You can mix, or you can keep to yourself.

I spend so much time helping others plan their holidays that when I go away, I’m lucky to have something booked, never mind planning how I spend my time when I’m away. Joining a ship means I don’t have to think much about where to go tomorrow, when and where I eat, even to an extent what I do during the day. I’m an independent soul so I like to follow my nose and get off the beaten track, I like to learn new things, sometimes just to sit and read quietly in a nice environment. Any and all of that is possible.

I love exploring the natural world, experiencing the weather at its worst and its glorious best, watching the wildlife in its natural habitat, seeing the landscapes sculpted by the elements over the years. All of that is possible on a cruise; some is only possible from a ship. And it’s even better when accompanied by an expert adding their insights.

I do need to confess to a slightly unusual definition of cruise. To me it’s any journey on the water where you sleep and eat on board so encompasses everything from small sailing boats up to the very biggest cruise ships and everything in between. And I get excited at the prospect of being onboard any one of them. Water is definitely good for the soul!

Kit Williams, Cruise Consultant