28 Dec 2015
Avatar photo by Silver Compass

You know the way it goes – you see a headline and think “that would make a great subject for a blog about tailor-made travel” or something pops up on Facebook with a holiday photo that would be just perfect to build a post around; then when the time comes to write the first post, your mind is blank and you’ve no idea where to start!

So I’ve decided that this should just be an introduction to our blog; introducing Silver Compass and the team can follow in future posts.

It’s all about communication

  • to get to know you, your wishes, your journeys and your dreams
  • to offer inspiration and information for your futures adventures
  • to tell you about Silver Compass and why we started an independent travel agency
  • to introduce the members of our team, their favourite destinations and adventures
  • to showcase some of our favourite suppliers and partners and their exciting offerings
  • and the one I’m most excited about, to give space to some of the most interesting and inspirational of our friends – bloggers, clients, suppliers, photographers, local businesses, travellers in general – our guest bloggers. (Get in touch if you’d like to contribute.)

The world of travel is such an exciting one we’re not going to run out of subject matter any time soon but for now I’ll leave you with a photo of one of my favourite places from my own travels – Milford Sound, New Zealand – and the strap-line from one of our suppliers – it describes very well our reason for setting up the business:

Milford Sound, New Zealand

“How you travel matters” (Tauck)

I would just add
How you plan your travels also matters!

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