25 Jan 2020
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Demonstrate expertise even if you’re a solo-cruising newbie, with help from your local travel agents, Silver Compass. We’re here to share our guide to cruising alone which offers useful tips and handy advice to help you to stay completely relaxed throughout your luxurious holiday.

Tips and advice to remember before and during your solo cruise:

Book your cabin quickly!cruise cabin and bed

If you wish to cruise alone be sure to book early on. Single cabins are quick to sell out on the ship – which goes to show, it’s more popular than many might think.

Solo cruise dining

cruising alone - solo dining

The idea of eating at a restaurant on your own might make you feel anxious but it also might not. Speak up – your needs can be catered to. If you like to dine with others, book a larger table and socialise and if you don’t wish to, ask for a single seated-table.

Make sure you choose a cruise line that offers the kind of dining you want. Flexible dining is good if you don’t want to sit with the same people each night and fixed sittings are good if you would prefer a fixed time and the same company each evening.

Solo cruise entertainmentcruising alone - yoga class

The majority of cruise lines set-up events and activities for solo travellers to enjoy. Ask for the ship’s itinerary to get a flavour for what you could fill your days with, options are likely to include: go-karting, wall climbing, water sports, casino nights, lectures by specialists, wine tastings, art/cookery classes and demos, yoga and meditation, bike rides, gym classes, ballroom dance demos and lessons, broadway-style shows, jazz clubs, trivia quizzes and tech academies.

Themed cruise entertainment may include golf, music, fashion, dance, astronomy, photography and wine tasting (on the rivers).

Solo shore exploring

cruise excursion with fellow travellers

You’re exploring new territory, remember to research the area and make a loose itinerary for yourself. This might include picturesque places you’d like to capture on camera, a highly rated eatery you’ve found online or a shop you’ve heard travellers boast about. Giving yourself a few boxes to tick off will help you to enjoy each port to the fullest.

If you’ve met a nice group of like-minded solo holiday cruisers at a restaurant/event, make plans to meet up on the next shore excursion. It’s likely that when you reach the port, you will all be grateful to explore new land together. Booking on an excursion organised by the ship is a great way to explore if you’re cruising solo and haven’t yet met someone you want to link up with.

Get to know the front desk staffcruising alone? get to know the front desk staff

The front desk can experience a whole lot of questions, demands and requests, and so, it’s nice to get to know the front desk staff. The staff on the front desk, and indeed the whole crew onboard, will want to ensure that everyone – in particular, those cruising solo – experiences the best time at sea. They might even be able to offer you some invaluable solo advice too!

Many cruise lines have different activity levels for their excursions. It’s always worth talking to the front desk team about which would be most suitable for you.

It’s OK that not everyone understands the appeal of cruising alonesolo cruiser by pool

You’re comfortable in your own company and you like the idea of not having to answer to anyone, your cruise is your cruise and you can enjoy it just how you wish. You may find that some people don’t understand the appeal of cruising alone but that’s not the opinion of everyone.

Solo cruising is on the rise, with 20% of most cruise lines passengers travelling alone, it’s safe to say, that in fact, you’re not alone. Indeed, solo travellers are now much-admired independents.

You get to have a cabin all to yourselflady with a cabin to herself

Taking a step away from your busy life, away from family and friends to enjoy the bliss that is being on your own for a while, all starts in your very own cabin. In your single cruise cabin, you can enjoy uninterrupted reading of your favourite books whilst sipping on an ice-cold beverage. It’s your turn to be selfish and to call the shots.

You choose when to be alone and when to have companypeople at a cruise ship bar

Your cabin is your sanctuary but you can always find a quiet spot, somewhere around the ship. On the other hand, when you want company, it will be easy to find and many cruise lines arrange events and activities specifically for solo cruisers.

Solo cruising with Silver Compass

Looking for cruises for solo travellers? Get on board with Silver Compass, we’re Bath’s cruise experts here to share independent and impartial travel advice to all customers who are looking for a trip to remember.

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